Picture of Christine with orange cap and purple shirt, hiking in summer.

Christine Klocek-Lim grew up in northeast Pennsylvania before attending attending Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh where she studied professional writing and graphic design. After working as a technical writer in Manhattan for several years, she moved back to her home state and now resides in the Lehigh Valley in southeastern Pennsylvania. She is founder and editor of Autumn Sky Poetry DAILY, a daily poetry feed.

 Dramatic black and white photo of a highway bridge with a full moon.

Her love of art grew out of her decades-long fascination with photography. After taking a few classes in the late 90s, she honed her compositional skills on an old Pentax K1000 35mm film camera, focusing on dramatic black and white landscape photography. While she eventually moved onto digital photography, her fascination with the natural world continued as she spent more and more time hiking in state parks and preserves.

Dramatic image of bridge and spillway with cloudy sky.


Eventually, she realized that her life-long obsession with color could be indulged with paint and she began to experiment with acrylic and watercolor. Her love of interesting perspectives and complimentary color techniques informs her work, whether representational or abstract.

She hopes you enjoy your journey through her artistic point of view.

Room to breathe - watercolor painting with dramatic perspective of a rural road and red and white barn under bright blue sky.

For information about her creative writing, please visit her author website: christinekloceklim.com.

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